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Cannibal Holocaust
aka Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust ; Cannibal holocausto ; Ad kannibalov ; Holocausto caníbal ; Kannibal massakren ; Nackt und zerfleischt
Ryhmä: Alfa-Panorama Film & Video Oy

cut about 10 min 25 sec. The distributor Alfa Panorama did a real number on this Italian cult classic. 1.The death of a muskrat is shortened (the close-up of the muskrat being stabbed, is cut). Over one minute is cut from the "ceremonial punishment"-scene: 2.The native woman being raped with an uncomfortable dildo and the following genital mutilation have been completely cut out. 3.The native man crushing the woman's head with a rock, has been completely deleted. 4.When the fried native woman is brought to the place, where the cannibals are dismembering and raping women, a shot of a woman being skinned alive, is removed (the shot is on the videocover of the cut FIx-version!). 5.A second shot of the woman being skinned alive, is cut. 6.The whole killing of a turtle has been cut out (over 2 minutes in a row!). 7.The leg-amputation has been removed almost completely - only the machete hit is intact, and the rest is removed. 8.The natives picking up a monkey, and chopping its head with a machete, has been cut out. 9.The native women digging the fetus out of the pregnant native woman, has been cut. 10.The native women bashing the not-so-pregnant-anymore woman into the head with rocks, has been completely removed. 11.The native girl being raped repeatedly by the film-crew, has been completely cut out (about 2 minutes in a row). 12.When the camera-crew nears the pole pierced native woman, we miss them taking photographs of it (you can see a pic of this on the cut FIx-version's cover too!). 13.Panning close-up of the pole pierced woman's body, is cut out. The last filmclip is extremely heavily cut: 14.Jack's castration has been cut out. 15.The natives beating Jack's corpse with sticks, and therefore tearing it to pieces, is no more. 16.Fay being raped twice, and the natives hitting her with sticks, has been completely removed (over 2 minutes in a row!).

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Kuvasuhde: 1.33:1 (4:3)

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