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Andrei Rublev
aka Andrey Rublev ; Andrei Rublev Osa 1 ; The Passion According to Andrey ; Andreï Roublev ; Andrej Rubljow ; Andrej Rublev
Ryhmä: Capitol Video Oy

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· Capitol Video Oy
"Loistelias, vavahduttava eepos, kuvaus 1400-luvulla eläneestä ikonimaalarista, munkki Rublevista. Taiteilija ja hänen tuskansa ympäristössä, joka on vihamielinen taiteentekijöitä kohtaan. "(MF)." Vaikuttavasti eeppinen teos sisältää kuuluisan työn luovia ulottuvuuksia sinfonisesti juhlivan jakson, jossa nuori poika osaksi sattuman, mutta lähinnä lujan vakaumuksensa vuoksi päätyy keksimään uudelleen monumentaalisen kirkonkellon valamisen salaisuuden; mutta teoksessa on myös viljalti mystisiä, jopa uskonnollisia piirteitä."(von Bagh, Elokuvan historia). Yksi 60-luvun elokuvan keskeisiä teoksia, kuten sija arvostelijaäänestyksessä (Projektio 2/80) todistaa.

In Russian with Finnish Subtitles.

Cut approx.17 min.
This movie by Tarkovsky (probably his best one) suffered heavy cuts (over 50 in quantity!) by the Soviet censors prior to its release. Tarkovsky himself edited the required cuts, so that they would be as less damaging as possible (while they do are mostly smoothly made, several of 'em still hurt the movie badly, as they destroy the rhythm of several sequences, and abruptly end many long takes), and refused to make many of them, and the constant clashing with the censors delayed the movie's release by many years. *As the movie opens, an exchange of dialogue is missing in the cut version: Pull the rope and This one?. *A shot showing the villagers chasing the running Yefim (this also includes some dialogue by the balloon men refering to this). *Before Yefim gets to the shore, a shot showing the balloon men preparing the balloon, has lost all dialogue (mostly about finding the rope). *The lenghty shot showing Yefim going into the church, and then stepping out, and walking to the balloon men is an alternative take, which includes slightly different dialogue from Yefim, and less dialogue from the balloon men (maybe Tarkovsky used this take because he thought it worked better on the context of the censored cut, or maybe this take excluded those things the censors maybe objected to). *Yefim's yelling towards Archibuska is altered from You try to hold them to something like Here I am. Hurry up. *The villagers beating the balloon men down is cut by few seconds. *A sight of one of the balloon men pushed to the ground yelling is trimmed. *The POV of Yefim rising to the air features slightly different dialogue, e.g. the comments from the villagers are gone. *Strangely, the censored cut features a completely new POV shot, that of a city, when Yefim is flying (Tarkovsky probably thought it would fit the context, though it's quite a bizarre addition, as the mileau is clearly away from any big cities). *In the censored cut, alternative dialogue is heard when Yefim crashes (he sounds more scared). *The shot showing the ruins of the balloon is shortened to remove all sight of Yefim's dead body (the preceding shot of the dancing horse is also shortened for continuity, as we see the horse walking past dead Yefim at the beginning of the shot). *At the beginning of the "Jester" segment, an entire scene showing Rublev and his friends leaving, is removed. *The jester standing on his head, and revealing his bare ass, which has a face painted on it, is removed (the censored version cuts away just before the bare ass enters the frame). *After the jester crows like a cock, a sound of laughing heard off-screen, and the jester getting back down on his feet are cut out. *The wonderful 360º single take is ruined by cutting some of it from the beginning (possibly the reduce the fact that Kirill is gone when the frame returns to where the take started). *A sight of a monk walking past trees is shorter, possibly due to print damage. *The opening of the "Theophanes The Greek" segment, which is a sight of a town square, where a suspect is about to be executed on the stage, is few seconds longer in the uncut version. *Theophanes The Greek cursing aloud, and one of his pupils coming in, and Theophanes cursing at him is completely removed (also a line of dialogue from Theophanes to Kirill is missing). *In the uncut version, the off-screen monlogue which bashes Christians is played over the shot of Kirill watching Theophanes' icon, but in the cut version it is heard over the shot of the dead man being put down (maybe the Soviet censors didn't like the way the scene maybe juxtaposes the icon with the monologue). *An entire scene which shows Kirill in his room with a thoughtful monologue going non-stop in his voice-over, is lifted later into the movie, when the messenger has left, and is missing Rublev's disciple arriving, and announcing that the messenger has arrived. *The messenger's farewell is on-camera in the uncut version, but in the censored cut, it plays off-screen while the frame is on Rublev. Maybe Tarkovsky thought this would play better in the context. *The shot of Rublev and the disciples walking inside the monastry lasts about a second longer in the uncut version. *Laughs heard from the monks when Kirill leaves the monastry are absent in the censored cut. *The sight of Kirill's battered dog squirming around and dying, is removed. Also the penultive shot of Kirill walking away is removed for continuity. In the cut version, a new title card comes, which says "How Andrei sees suffering - 1406", but in the uncut version, the 33 seconds of the following scenes are still part of the "Theophanes The Greek" segment! *Rublev taunting his disciple in the woods is deleted (this happens right after the disciple is rubbing mud on his face). *An exhange of dialogue between Rublev and his disciple is cut out (it mostly concerns the possiblity of Rublev leaving his disciple). *Rublev's disciple touches a dead bird, and several shots of aerial POVs (reminiscent of the opening prologue) start rolling. In the cut version, this beautiful scene is completely excised! *Rublev's line It's never too late to repent is excised from the crucifixion sequence. *The dialogue and the sound of moaning that the pagan couple (whom Rublev watches) have while making love is removed from the soundtrack. *A shot totalling 54 seconds showing the pagans putting a coffin with a candle on it floating around in the water (full of naked people and a horse), is not cut, but lifted a few minutes later into the movie, when Rublev is untied. *The pagan jumping around noticing Rublev just before he is caught, it cut out. *Rublev's POV of his captors walking away is removed, along with brief dialogue. *The sight of the naked woman walking forward a little, and then looking at Rublev seductively, is cut. Also the transition to the next scene is a fade, instead of a cut as it i in the uncensored version. *The woman struggling with one of the authorities, resulting in her clothes being ripped off, is completely removed. *The shot of the naked woman running into the water lasts substantially longer in the uncut version. *Painters arguing is shortened (ruining another long take), and the dialogue is also slightly re-edited also in the cut version. *Rublev's disciple walking the bearded man out of the cathedral is removed. *Rublev arguing with Danil is re-edited in an odd way, with the last shot of the scene (of Danil and the rider on frame), appearing as the first shot of the scene as an abridged version. *Rublev speaking with his associates about not wanting to paint "The Last Judgment" is completely missing. *Rublev's biblical voice-over is re-edited a little. *The guards killing the travelling painters has lost the man with his eyes gouged out falling on the bushes, and some of the painters battling the guards on horses (destroying another fine long take!). *The guard riding across the man with his eyes gouged, and whipping him, is excised. *The explicit sight of the man with his eyes gouged out is shortened. *The peasant girl apparantly pissing on the floor is cut out, and substituted with two shots, that is, of Rublev's hand, and of the floor. *An entire (flashback) scene showing Rublev and some of his fellow monks stopping under a tree during rain, while the boy's religious citation plays in voice-over, is excised. *The beginning of the Tatar raid has been re-edited: the prince's brother's flashback is actually a little longer in the censored version, as it features footage which appears in the uncensored version after a sight of a burning cow. Also shots of Tatar horses galloping have been lifted into the beginning of the raid, when in the uncut version it appears after the flashback extention. *The sight of a dying man on the ground with a sword wound on his neck (with a saw next to him) is shortened to remove some blood gushing from the wound. *A Tatar soldier throwing a torch into a hay stack has been edited from one shot into two, losing many seconds. *The shot of a burning cow running around, and then its owner being speared is completely removed. *When the flashback extention of the prince's brother kicks in (see a few cuts before), an entire (fantasy?) sequence showing the prince being kicked around in snow, and his brother looking triumphant, is deleted. *A Tatar dragging her a peasant woman from her hair, and throwing her off the balcony (accompanied by her scream) is cut out... ruining yet another exquisite long take. *The prince's brother watching Tatars chasing a man with an axe, with horses has been lifted a little later into the picture. *A shot of a man in flames falling on the ground is missing. *After the horse fallen off from the staircase, sights of it squirming around bleeding, and a Tatar coming and spearing it, have been eliminated. *The raid on the church actually contains a shot not found in the uncensored version, where a soldier is dragging the peasant girl, and Rublev notices this from the crowd (maybe this was added that Rublev would have more motivation on killing the man, and would appear as less cold-blooded in his act). *A sight of victims being against the church wall with their eyes gouged, is trimmed. *Boiling fluid being poured into a prisoner's mouth with bloody results is shortened (it appears that the Soviet censors were clearly upset with long takes!). *A shot of a horse dragging a prisoner outside the church is cut out. *The shot of Rublev's disciple and many others fleeing Vladimir has been lifted to appear a few minutes earlier than in the uncensored edit. *Before Rublev's disciple is shot, him looking around, and starting to walk ahead slowly, is excised. *Rublev noticing the peasant girl eating dirt (who is liking it), and forcing it out of her mouth, is excised. *The peasant girl stomping on the mud Rublev forced out of her mouth, and smiling, is excised. *The gate keeper bringing Kirill into the monastry is deleted completely for some reason. *The scene where Kirill begs forgiveness from the Father, and the Father accepts him back is lifted later into the movie, with its beginning chopped out. *The dogfight is shortened about 8 seconds. *Shot of the peasant girl riding with the Tatars is removed, and substituted with a close-up of an object falling on snow. *The men talking to the bellmaker's son is slightly re-edited. *The bellmaker's son noticing the prince is completely removed. *Sight of Rublev, when the bell is being fired up, is shortened. *After the bellmaker's son touches the carved up bell, his fantasies have been eliminated completely. *Before the bell rings, sights of the crowd are slightly trimmed. The cuts total to about 17 minutes in lenght, with a few minutes of substitutions.

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Kuvasuhde: 1.33:1 (4:3)

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