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aka Klondike Fever ; Goldrausch in Alaska ; Jack London story ; Las aventuras de Jack London ; Jack London: el buscador de oro ; El buscador de oro
Ryhmä: Inter Vision

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Strike gold with Jack London's Klondike Fever.

Come to the Klondike - where the characters are as slippery as the streets, where the winter can kill you in a minute, and where the fever for gold is as hot as the ladies in the Eldorado Saloon.

Jack London came here and left with adventure enough to fill the millions of books that bear his name all over the world.

"KLONDIKE FEVER" is the adventure-packed story of young writer Jack London's epic journey from San Francisco to the Klondike Gold Fields in 1898. London (JEFF EAST) and his partner, Merritt Sloper (ROBIN GAMMELL), arrive in Skagway on their way to Dawson City. They encounter sadistic dog-handler Will Ryan (MICHAEL HOGAN), and rescue a defeated canine, Buck, belonging to the villainous Soapy Smith (ROD STEIGER), who hold's the town's financial reins. The dog becomes fiercely loyal to London, who carries him to John Thornton (BARRY MORSE), operator of a dog-sled courier service to Dawson City. London and Sloper meet many fascinating characters on their dangerous trek to the gold fields including Sam Steele (LORNE GREENE), the legendary superintendent of the Northwest Mounted Police, and Swiftwater Bill Gates (GORDON PINSENT), a gambler travelling in a coach to Dawson City with three beautiful women; saloon-keeper Belinda McNair (ANGIE DICKINSON), Gertie (LISA LANGLOIS) and Louis (SHERRY LEWIS). After enduring many more hardships on the trail, Jack meets up again with Soapy Smith who wants to reclaim his dog. The climax is a suspenseful race for Buck's ownership between opposing dog teams. Jack London's exploits along the Klondike trail provide him with sufficient adventure stories to last him the rest of his life as an internationally popular writer.

Id: A-AE 0366

In English with Finnish Subtitles.

Suomennos: Marja Hagborg.

Kuvasuhde: 1.33:1 (4:3)

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