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aka The Shape of Things to Come ; El mundo que viene ; Taistelu avaruudessa ; Tulevaisuuden maailma ; Alerte dans le cosmos ; H.G. Wells' The Shape of Things to Come
Ryhmä: Inter Vision

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H.G. Wells' classic tale set in a far-distant tomorrow when Earth has been defeated and polluted by great robot wars with its remaining inhabitants prey to lethal doses of radiation. The moon and outer space have been colonised with mankind's survival dependent on supplies of the miracle drug Radic Q2, produced only on planet Delta III. In the busy control centre of New Washington, alarm spreads when an out-of-control freighter seems set on a direct crash-course for their citadel. It is the work of the evl Omus (JACK PALANCE), a renegade robot designer who declares he has taken over Delta III with its precious drug supplies. He will destroy the city unless they accade to his demands to make him Emperor. Dr. John Caball (BARRY MORSE), realising there is no other way to defeat Omus, activates the magnificent spaceship Starstreak manned by his son Jason (NICHOLAS CAMPBELL), Kim (EDDIE BENTON), a beautiful technician from control centre, and an ingenious robot, Sparks. They are forced to land on Earth because of a malfunction and become trapped in a near-fatal meteor storm until the land on the desolate surface of Delta III where they encounter the original colonists and their attractive woman leader, Niki (CAROL LYNLEY).
Knowing now his dream of power will never be granted, the mad Omus starts the disintegration of Delta III - but he reckons without the bravery of Jason, Kim and Niki as they launch Starstreak from the doomed planet...

Id: A-AE0365

Kuvasuhde: 1.33:1 (4:3)

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